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Projects being worked on at KeK

  1. Door lock - with hvinayan and cherry
  2. DC-DC convertor with anish and cherry

Arrangements in KEK

  1. Posters on the walls mentioning guidelines about various sections in the space.
  2. A notice board? (Can be made using thermocol and tapes)
  3. An area for kids - toys, painting tools?
  4. A work space for electronics
  5. Basic furniture

Events being worked on for at KeK

  1. A car assembly re-assembly Workshop (Feb, 2016)
  2. Astro club get-together - invite local kids to the space. (late Dec/Early Jan)
  3. Wood Working workshop - open source shopbot furniture designs at fablab. (unscheduled)
  4. Mapping party - A mapping party to map the local neighbourhood around KeK
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