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KEK(1) General Information KEK(1)


   KEK - Info for folk at KeK


   kek [-teach] [friends]


   Be excellent. Learn, Teach, Play!
   kek is a space for everyone. We don't care about your age (only applicable
   to adults (ie; over 18yrs, for legal reasons), gender, religion, culture,
   sexual orientation, class/income/wealth, vocation, English language skills
   (except when you're teaching us! :-) ). 
   -t Teach - if you know something, anything - show/teach the rest of us!
   -e Electronics - look after the electronics kit, make cool stuff, teach the
      rest of us!
   -a Art - show your art! Play with it! Show us to play with it!
   -c Computers - all that geekery in one head ? Spread the joy!
   -h Hospitality - you're a guest and a host at the same time. Do a 'sudo' and
      welcome new people, pickup TODOs and house chores, maintain a clean and 
      fun space!
    friends are anyone else in the space and in the neighbouring community. 
    The wealth of our knowledge, goodwill and excellence will seep into our 


   WASTE/RUBBISH - Always segregate waste/rubbish into **plastic** and 
           non-plastic is segregated into **burnable** and **organic**.
           Please rinse food stained plastic bags with soap and leave to dry
           in the designated kitchen area.
           Please occasionally move dry plastic from the drying area to the 
           collecting area in the main hall.
           Please ask residents before you dispose of any waste (especially Organic).
           Please be polite to everyone and the environment - we don't hire people 
           to take care of waste - if someone leaves gross stuff around, one of us 
           will have to deal with it ourselves - not excellent!
           Note: We currently do **NOT** have a way to dispose of the following:
           Plastic lined/non-degradable tampons/sanitary napkins, baby napkins, etc.
           Please, please figure out a way to manage this **before** you arrive, 
           especially if you are staying for a while.
           Every now and again, somebody takes burnable waste outside to burn them. 
           Please inspect what you're burning before lighting up - no plastic or 
           organics should burn!
   FOOD - If you find food in common areas, finish it, but replace it.
          If you cook, clean up the kitchen after yourself.
          If you use kitchenware, clean up after yourself.
   ALCOHOL - Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. Please see the [[|FAQ]]
   SMOKING - Please use the designated areas for smoking - be excellent!
             If you can, be excellent to yourself, and give up smoking :-)
   ELECTRICITY - conserve as much as you can - switch off lights/fans/computers 
                 after use.
   WATER - Drinking water is in the cans in the kitchen. Feel free to replace cans
           if you have a car or scooter to take - Divine Supermarket at Kovalam junction
           is where we get them from.
   WATER SUPPLY - There are two pumps - speak to residents and find out what to do if 
           the water finishes.
   TOILETS - Try clean the basins and toilet bowls once in a while. Use gloves always.
   SUPPLIES - Cleaning liquids, soaps, etc. can be bought at poonkulam junction. 
            Always keep receipts. Talk to residents before buying, if you want a refund.
   MONEY - If you want to give money for your stay, speak to residents. 
           Keep residents accountable! Make sure you check for updates on the 
           accounts page: 
   VISITORS - If it's hackers, welcome them, orient them, talk them through this manual, 
              point them at various documentation online, etc. get them a cup of tea/coffee
              and generally be excellent to them :-)
              If it's people asking for "someone in charge" always find a resident. 
              If a resident is not around, please do not take responsibility, 
              esp. wrt requests for money donation obligations. 
              Ask them to come around again, when a resident is home.
           IMPORTANT: Minor visitors (People younger than 18yrs of age) 
           should *ALWAYS* be accompanied by an adult, OR have a resident willing to
           take responsibility for them.
           If not, **YOU** (the person welcoming them) are responsible for them. If you 
           do not want this responsibility, point them to a willing resident, 
           or turn them away.
   EQUIPMENT - All equipment we have was once cared and loved for by the person
               who donated them. Please show equal love and care as its owner would have.
               - Replace them where you took them from
               - Don't keep them for too long
               - If they're broken, check with the "owner" and (help) fix them.
               - If in doubt - ask a resident.
   SOUND/DECIBELS - Although we're playing, learning has higher priority. If someone requests
            us to turn it down, please turn it down or relocate. Music, conversation, 
            equipment, etc.
            Be excellent!


   Before leaving the space, please make sure that there is at least one other person.
   If not, please urgently contact a resident to make sure you either find a way to 
   leave keys with them, or find a way to get keys to them.
   Please switch off all lights/fans/electronics (except for server equipment that is 
   clearly marked).


   KeK is compatible with FOSS, hacker, charity volunteer, artist, research, academic, 
   entrepreneural, and anarchist communities.
   KeK is not compatible with political, racist/casteist, religious, recruiter, mafia, 
   gang, drugrunner and other nasty and/or illegal activities.



   The kek hackbase conforms to no standards - but we collectively have a high standard
   of behaviour and excellence! :-)


   The kek hackbase appeared slightly before the event in late 2015
   It was inspired by [[|Ghoomakad]], and 


   Bugs are in many tropical varieties. The most ubiquitious are the mosquitoes.
   Please carry a mosquito net if you are staying overnight, for peaceful sleep!
   Additionally, you may find wall spiders which are harmless, various beetles,
   centipedes in damp parts of the outdoors and the occasional snake in the 
   bushes. Please wear footwear, if you must go into the yard - for example for
   farmwork, or while visiting the outhouse where you must be extra careful, 
   especially while lifting up things set on the floor.
   Ants are very keen visitors in the kitchen. Please make sure you don't leave
   edibles lying around - they will be set upon by ants within minutes.

KeK 0.1 19 December, 2015 KeK 0.1

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