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Open Streetmap mapping party

We're going to have a mapping party at KeK.

Among other things, it will help break the ice with our local communities.

This event is in a planning phase. An irc chat meeting was held. The minutes/logs are here: osm_25_01_2016

Once we have a date, we add it to the events page and tweet it out.

At the end, we'll have some refreshments and maybe some kind of social conclusive event. (Schedule TBD)

Once we have the mapping done, we'll need to print it out on an A3 sheet and laminate it, suitable for installing at the bus shelter at West Poonkulam. We could probably hand it over during a formal ceremony at KeK to the local Ward councillor. We could use this event as a formal “house warming” for KeK as well - for the local community. This part needs to be planned carefully.

We need a breakout group to plan for the councillor/community interaction - volunteers welcome - please shout on the KeK group or the mailing list.

Finally, since there are minor funds required for the refreshments/event logistics, please treat this as a common pot contribute-what-you-can sort of event.

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