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Please dump things here that need buying in the space. Please don't forget to strike them out when bought. If in a struck out item, just “unstrikeout” to reactivate item.

  • Liquid soap refills
  • Surface cleaner
  • Water canister refill
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • Basic Solder Set (with Temperature Control)
  • Soldering tips (Conical Tip / Bevel Tip)
  • Finer solder wire for soldering smaller parts (preferably with built in flux)
  • Sharp craft knives (maybe)
  • “Helping hands” for soldering (vice / clamp grip)
  • Set of passive components (R, C, D in the usual values)
  • Liquid Solder (Residue free) Flux for electronic component
  • Signal / Function Generator
  • Variable Power Supply
  • Saleae Logic Analyzer Clone
  • Bus Pirate Clone
  • CH341A based eeprom programmer
  • Transistor and Capacitor ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) Tester based on AVR microcontroller
  • Assorted Buck/Boost DC voltage converter modules
  • Hot melt glue gun
  • (Please enter your item here)
  • (Strike bought out items like this)

This is a dump of things cherry may look to buy in Shenzen:

  • Projector parts (LED/transparent LCD)/cooling fins.
  • 3D printer parts. (Nozzle, heater ?)
  • Solar bits
  • air pump (40w)

Open Agriculture Initiative

Open ag parts

Or cheap air conditioning, water conditioning, co2 sensor and humidity sensor.

… please add more

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