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Things that'd be nice to have:

Note: Ideally we'd prefer not to have new purchases for KeK. We'd love to have things you love but need to give away. Or things that are broken and fixable, which we can then fix and use, here at the space. If in doubt, shout! Send us email to hello @


  1. Soldering irons (from cheap to smd)
  2. Soldering stations/lense stand
  3. Lamps (preferrably LED) for soldering stations.
  4. DSO (Digital Oscilloscope - 1GHz)
  5. Computer hardware (RAM, Disks, etc.)
  6. Carpentry tools
  7. Function Generator


  1. Whiteboard
  2. Laptops (for training)
  3. Projector/Screen
  4. Printer


  1. Water filter/purifier
  2. Washing machine (preferrably side/front loading)
  3. Furniture - office chairs, sturdy desks
  4. Childrens play things - carpeting, dollhouse, books, shelves etc.
  5. Bean bags
  6. Mixie/blender
  7. Pressure cooker (preferrably induction stove ready)
  8. Pressure cleaner (water)
  9. Vacuum cleaner
  10. Iron/Ironing board


  1. Hand weeding Fork (Preferably Garden Toolkit)
  2. Hoe (different kinds)
  3. Rake
  4. Watering can
  5. Sprinkler hose

Please feel free to edit the page and add more items.

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